Below is a document that will help you UPGRADE YOUR WORKOUT.

This upgrade document is built around upgrading workouts that don’t currently utilize enforced progressive overload and/or don’t utilize different formats of pyramid training and straight sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this beta testing? The document is right there…

This is the beta document because I have not actually guinea pigged it myself. I normally test out every Superhero Program and schedule that I put out, but this one we’re going to do together to work out the kinks. In my brain it sounds and looks good, but with your help it’ll hopefully ACTUALLY sound and look good.

Please email me at [email protected] or DM me on FB with whatever kinks you find OR any specific suggestions you have for this new doc.

What do you mean by upgrade?

When I say upgrade I mean that you’ll now have a schedule of lifts that enforce progressive overload throughout the course of 4-8 weeks, and also help you tie in all sorts of different formatting: reverse pyramid training, traditional pyramid training, and straight sets.

Isn’t this similar to our Superhero Programs?

Yes! Exactly. Now you’ll have access to being able to make almost every routine on the site nearly as effective as a fully customized routine for a specific goal. And I only say “nearly” because the Superhero Programs were obviously created very specifically for each of their given goals and include over 100 pages to explain it all….so it’s not a fair comparison.

How do I use this document?

The one below lets you skim through and take a look before doing anything, but after you have a program picked out (it can be from The Academy or any of the free PDFs) you’ll come back here and download the spreadsheet. Make sure if you’re on a mobile device that you have Google Sheets or another app that allows you to open and edit excel spreadsheets or you won’t be able to fully prepare your new workout.

How do I copy and paste?

You’re not going to want to copy and paste or you’ll end up ruining the formatting of the spreadsheet, but I gave you plenty of cells to insert all your different workout stats for so you have a few options: you can write down all your new weights each week, OR you can create another sheet at the end of this doc (once you download it, it’s yours so do what you want to it) and then really map out your plan there.

Is this absolutely necessary?

Normally I would say no to a question like this because I like to think most things aren’t absolute necessary (other than the obvious stuff like “Do I need to be under my calories to lose weight?…uh, yeah.”, but to be completely honest I’m not sure how we haven’t had one of these upgrade sheets available all this time. We have a lot of people who are working out but don’t know what these techniques are (like progressive overload, and the different formatting here), so this is extremely important stuff.

Wait…I’m one of those people…what the heck are those things?

I explain a couple definitions in the document BUT I strongly suggest going through some of the video course and going over the LVL UP videos. They’re super quick and will help you know what we’re working with.

What if my program doesn’t specifically call for a type of pyramid training and it just has rep schemes?

I’ll give my recommendation: I think the best way to go about this is to utilize RPT for your compound(s), tradition pyramid training for 2-3 accessory lifts, and then finish off with straight sets for 2-3 more accessory lifts.

That being said, you can mix it up however you’d like and I will point out that I used solely traditional pyramid training for YEARS before working in reverse (although straight sets kind of just happen sometimes so I can’t say I didn’t do those).

Is there anything else we should know before going into this?

YES! This does not include your warm ups. While tradition pyramid training essentially has a warm up built in, you’ll want to add a couple sets before your reverse pyramid training to get yourself ready for the heavy stuff to come.